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Do It Yourself DJ - Is it a Good Idea?

In this day and age we have a lot of musical options. When our options were records and CDs, it was necessary to have a band or a DJ who could switch songs. As we moved into the digital age, we saw the introduction of iPods, Pandora and Spotify. The digital world of music allows us to set up our own playlists and begs the question of whether we can DJ our own weddings. Well, the short answer is that you can DJ your own wedding, but you can also live on eating only donuts, the question is "should you?"

I'll let you all in on my past, I am currently happily married to Jason, the owner of Celebration Midwest Entertainment, but I was married before. It's ironic to think of this now, but for my first marriage we chose to be our own DJ. I personally set up a playlist, hooked an iPod up to a set of speakers and hit play. How did it go? Well, it's why we got divorced. I'm kidding, of course, but the music wasn't memorable and ended up stressing me out that night.

Through my experience, I quickly discovered the disruption of matching my night to the playlist rather than having the music match my night. I had moments like the first dance and father daughter dance ready to go by paying attention to the song that played before it. I spent far too much of the night listening for the trigger song and ended up missing half of one of the dances because I was looking for my partner (who wasn't paying attention to the trigger song).

Another thing the music does is get the guests dancing. When I had picked a dud, or more than a couple duds in a row, the dance floor was empty and it wasn't easy to read the crowd and change the song to encourage more dancing. It's hard to read a room in the moment, let alone figure it out when planning a playlist days or weeks ahead.

Since it was hard enough to plan the first dance and father daughter dance, I nixed all of the other moments. We never did an introduction, no bouquet toss, and no cake cutting. The planning of a wedding can be incredibly stressful and I cut out moments I wish I had kept because I didn't have someone helping me; all the things a DJ would have done.

My day of an iPod has changed to the quicker song change gratification of apps like Spotify, but nothing can ever give the same experience as a DJ. Your DJ will do much more than just hit "play". Beyond reading the room and managing the flow of the evening they will do all of the prep work. Creating a playlist for an event that lasts several hours is a daunting task. Do yourself a favor and find a DJ that will take some of the planning pressure off your shoulders.

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