• Patti

Clever Ways to Change the Date

You had your perfect wedding date planned, then a pandemic happened and the proverbial s#!t hit the fan. Hopefully you had TP to clean it up, if not, read on for some helpful tidbits and clever ways to spin this hiccup into a less painful and more pleasantly memorable moment of your wedding adventure. Just remember the first thing, love is the main plot of your story. A pandemic can't stop you, it's just a plot twist!

Method of Breaking the News

I recommend sending your "Change the Date" notice in the same method that the "Save the Date" was sent. If you sent via snail mail, send the update through the post office. If it was sent through email, a Facebook event or another social media outlet, post the update this way as well. You're in luck if you went with the latter, since this is saving you stamps.

No Date Picked?

Well, this gets tricky, since you want to let people know that your original date is no longer happening, but you don't have the new date quite figured out. If you are sending your "Change the Date" through the mail and want to save yourself another round of stamping postcards, consider sending the "Change the Date" with instructions on where to find the new information. My recommendation would be utilizing a wedding website to announce pertinent information. Your first "Save the Date" told the guest that they were an attendee, now they can keep themselves informed of updates on your site.

Have Fun with It!

You've had your freak-out, tantrum or hardcore crying fit; now let's pull it together and find ways to spin this tale into another fun element of your wedding. There is the traditional postcard (whether printed or digitally designed) with either the plain and simple tell-it-like-it-is saying:

• Change the Date

• Change of Plans

• Delay the Date

• Postponed

• Unsave the Date

• Celebrate a New Date With Us

Or try a catchy phrase and show your wit with one of these:

• To Be or Not to Be...the Date is the Question

• Better Late Than Never

• Love is Patient, Pandemics are Unkind

• Let's Try This Again

• Roll With It: We're Changing the Date [insert image of TP here]

• Wash Your Hands and [insert date] Off Your Calendar

• Plot Twist! We're Changing Our Date

• We will! On Another Date

• Just Kidding! We Have a New Date

• I'm Late, I'm Late For a Very...Oh, Now We Have More Time

Don't be afraid to break free of your theme, this element wasn't planned anyways. Did you have a clever idea like a ticket to your event, or a comic strip announcement, perhaps a giftable type of save the date using seed paper, but none of that fit the theme of your wedding? Do it now! Be creative and have fun, you've got more time to pull the theme together anyways.

For a completely customizable comic strip, check out Storyboard That. When I say customizable, there is A LOT you can customize. I did one cell, but you can do several and put together a truly unique comic strip. I love the annoyed bride face I picked, what's more relatable right now? I'm making this face now for all of the brides forced to switch their dates. Pure annoyance, but creating this comic was fun!

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