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Alternative Options for a Covid Wedding

Congratulations on your love and determination to get married in the year of 2020. Truly, I want to congratulate you because love is love and a pandemic won’t stop that. There is a good chance you’ve had to alter wedding planning during Covid 19 though. An original plan of hundreds of guests has been dwindled down to as few as 50 guests in some states.

I’m sure by now you’ve done the dance of cutting your guest list and discussing options with the venue. Let’s talk about the fun dancing though, the dancing at your wedding! 300 guests or 50 guests you still deserve to blow the roof off of your reception. Don’t cut the wedding DJ, give him or her a call and see what kind of packages they may be offering during these unusual times. At Celebration Midwest Entertainment, we’ve structured three options for the new reality of a coronavirus wedding.


Typically a microwedding will be a more casual or relaxed wedding with the guest count under 50. In the Covid era this definition meshes perfectly with restrictions in place for social distancing at weddings. You will want to keep the sentimental and meaningful aspects of your big blowout wedding. If there was an extravagant bouquet you wanted, get it. A micro wedding does not mean skimp on the lavish dreams you had with hundreds of guests. These desires you had still apply even with a smaller party.

Intimate informal wedding table in backyard

Now about our specific micro-wedding package. This package is for events of 50 guests or less and includes up to 4 hours of DJ and emcee service, event announcements, introductions and coordinated monumental moments. This is your standard wedding at a micro size and a micro price.

Minimony with Wedding Sequel

You’ve got your heart set on a date in 2020 to say “I do”, but you also have your heart set on a big party. Well, get married in 2020 and have a wedding sequel where you party it up in 2021. I mean, this is kind of a win-win, can you say “two dresses”?! If you want to cut some costs at the thought of two events, try some ideas that can be used at both. Rather than flowers for the ceremony, use something like lanterns or candles as decor which can then be used as centerpieces at the reception. If you want to have bouquets at both your ceremony and reception, opt for long lasting bouquets such as a sola wooden bouquet.

Pinecone wedding table decor

As for music, at Celebration Midwest Entertainment, we will give you the ceremony music in 2020 FREE with a booked wedding reception in 2021. That's right, you will get our services for both your 2020 ceremony date as well as your 2021 reception. This is our best deal so contact us soon!

Wedding Reception in 2021

The best case scenario for your celebration may be to play the safer bet and book your wedding in 2021. If you are in the Chicagoland area, we are offering a savings off of our regular rate for 2021 receptions. Don’t wait long, these dates are booking up and this offer has a short window of availability.

Bride and Groom in Covid Face Mask

Now for a tidbit to watch for, in some states, a dance floor is actually not allowed with the phase 4 guidelines. The phase 4 Illinois guidelines prohibits a dance floor, but doesn’t specifically talk about dancing. Lack of a dance floor won’t stop people from a boogie bounce in their seat. This is also a rule that we are still investigating. I would hope this isn’t a real life Footloose scenario but, it's worth knowing this information; however, don’t let this hold back your plans, there are plenty of wedding alternatives due to Covid and the ideas don’t stop here. Give us a call and let’s talk about the ideas for your 2020 or 2021 wedding.

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